Saturday, August 4, 2012

The 2012 "Around the World in 90 Days" Travel Awards

"While we are postponing, life speeds by." - Seneca 

       AND THE WINNERS    

1) Best Luxury Hotel: Burj al Arab (Dubai)

2) Best Luxury Hotel Chain: Shangri-La (Singapore, Tokyo, 

    Hong Kong)

3) Best Airline First Class Cabin: All Nippon Airways (ANA)- 
4) Best Airline First Class Service: All Nippon Airways (ANA),  
5)  Best Airline Business Class Sevice: Singapore Airlines
6)  Best Hotel Concierge Service: Burj al Arab (Dubai),    
     Shangri-La (Hong Kong and Tokyo)
7)  Best Individual Concierge (Steve Warmerdam (Burj al 
     Arab, Dubai), Melania Milbert (Fairmount Monte Carlo)
8)  Place I would most want to live if I could afford it: Monte 
     Carlo, Monaco
9)  Country with the most courteous people: Japan       
10)Country with the best food: Italy
11)Best experience: Camel Trek in the Al Liwa Desert (Abu 
12)Best Luxury Travel Consultant: Linda Barber
13)Country with the most friendly people: Brazil
14)Best Hotel "get things done" Person: Guillerrmo Tapia - 
    (Sheraton Rio- Brazil)
15)Most interesting Pool:  57th Floor Infinity Pool at Marina 
     Bay Sands (Singapore)
16)Nicest Pool Area: Grand Lapa (Macau)
17)Nicest Hotel Perk for Children: Wild Wadi Water Park 
     (Burj al Arab- Dubai)
18)Nicest Hotel Suite: Burj al Arab (Dubai)
19)Nicest Beach: Barra da Tijuca (Brazil)
20)Best Hotel Breakfast  Buffet: Shangri-La (Hong Kong), 
     Fairmount (Monte Carlo), Shangri-La Singapore
21)Best Hotel Dinner Buffet: Junsui Restaurant at the Burj al 
     Arab (Dubai)
22)Most Elegant Hotel Concierge Lounge: Shangri-La (Hong 
23)Best Hotel Concierge Lounge Service: Sheraton Rio 
24)Best Hotel Concierge Perk:  washing and pressing all 
     your clothes (Valley Wing at the Shangri-La Singapore
25)Most spectacular natural sight: Rochers-de-Naye 
     Mountain (Swiss Alps, Switzerland)
26)Most spectacular manmade sight: Great Mosque (Abu 
27)Best View: Rio de Janeiro from Corcovado and Pao de 
     Açucar Mountains
28)Best Kid's Experience: DisneySea (Tokyo)
29)Most Beautiful City: Venice
30)Nicest Spa Service: Burj al Arab (Dubai)
31)Best Massage: Sheraton Rio (Brazil)
32)Best Spa Treatment: Oxygen Facial (Fairmount Monte 
33)Best Water View: Lake Geneva from Montreux, Lake 
     Como from Bellaggio
34)Most interesting Experience: Glass-Blowing on the Island 
     of Murano (Venice)
35)Most Beautiful Hotel Setting: San Clemente Palace (San 
     Clemente Island, Venice)
36)Most  Serene Hotel Setting: Royal Palace (Montreux, 
37)Most Beautiful View from Hotel Room: Mediterranean Sea 
     from the Fairmount Monte Carlo
38)Best Airport Lounge; Lufthansa First Class Lounge 
     (Frankfurt, Germany)
39)Best Airport Lounge Food: Noodle Bar at All Nippon 
     Airways (ANA) Business Lounge (Hong Kong) 
40)Most Beautiful Church: San Maurizio (Milan, Italy)
41)Most Beautiful House of Worship Setting: Buddhist 
     Temples (Kamakura, Japan)
42)Best Airline Business Class Cabin: Singapore Airlines
43)Most Fun Kid's Attraction: Luge Ride at Sentosa Island  
44)Best Ice Cream: Gelateria Grom (Italy)
45)Best Chocolate: Lac Patisserie (Nice, France)
46)Best Steak: La Maison du Steak (Geneva, Switzerland)
47)Best Mode of Transport to Airport: Helicopter from Monte 
     Carlo to French Riviera Airport (Nice, France)
48)Best Luxury Hotel Experience: Burj Al Arab (Dubai)
49)Best Luxury Hotel Management Team: Heinrich Morio, 
     Ahmed Ereiba and Stephanie Zawada of the Burj al Arab,
50)Most Incredible Feeling: Coming Home and Wanting to Do 
     It All Over Again!!!!!

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