Saturday, June 2, 2012

Italia (Venice) La Chiesa di Santa Maria dei Miracoli

"I stood in Venice, on the Bridge of Sighs; A palace and a prison on each hand; I saw from out the wave of her structure's rise As from the stroke of the enchanter's wand: A thousand years their cloudy wings expand Around me, and a dying Glory smiles O'er the far times, when many a subject land Look'd to the winged Lion's marble pines, Where Venice sate in state, throned on her hundred isles." --Lord Byron

Today we took a stroll through Venice in search of the Church of Holy Mary of Miracles. It is a small church yet one of the best examples of Venetian Renaissance art and architecture around (along with its larger neighbor, the Church of Santa Maria di Formosa). The Church has a wooden mezzanine where the choir of nuns used to sit. It has a beautiful altar and a ceiling with intricately designed art and tile work. It is known as the church of "miracles" because it is said that many miracles happened to worshippers at the church. It is very easy to find (this is not easy to say about anything in Venice, with its confusing, winding, alleys and streets which many times either end with no bridge or as dead ends) since it is on the Street of Miracles which leads to the Miracle Square next to the Bridge of Miracles. Pretty miraculous, isn't it!

The interior of Santa Maria dei  Miracoli

The entrance to the Church

Piazza di Santa Maria di Formosa

The Church of Santa Maria di Formosa
Waiting on the Bridge of Miracles as a gondola passes by

A view from the back of the church

The Square and Bridge of Miracles
The street of Miracles

A beautiful painting over the altar
The altar

Ashley (co-pilot) and Nicola (pilot) of our boat
The steps and red carpet leading up to the altar

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