Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Our oasis in the desert-Qasar al Sarab

"I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.” – Susan Sontag

We have been in the desert now for 2 days and it is a real battle getting used to the heat. Today it was fiery hot again (45 degrees Celsius which = 113 degrees). But that is why I am grateful for my oasis in the desert-the Qasar al Sarab!  This has been my home in the desert and will be for one more night as tomorrow I make the long 300 kilometer trip back to Dubai (it is so hot in the desert that on the drive here my back got sunburned and I was in an SUV and had an undershirt and a shirt over it!) The first thing I will miss about the desert is the absolute tranquility where you do nothing but think and reflect on your life and life in general (something that we have little time to do in our busy lives back home in the USA or even in a busy place such as Dubai. The second thing I will miss about the desert is the Qasar al Sarab-my oasis in the desert. If ever I have to be in the desert, this is the place that I want to be. Enjoy the pictures of my desert home.

A view from the living room to the bedroom
The living room
My patio overlooking the desert
the bedroom
The bathroom
The outdoor desert pool
My patio
The plunge pool in my patio
The front door leading to the living room
The patio and plunge pool
the small pantry

the dining room
The front door
The table in the patio

Ashley cooling off in the oasis pool
A view of the patio and pool
The large tub
The bathroom
A view from the bedroom to the bathroom

A view from the bedroom to the patio
Two loungers (yeah right!)

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