Friday, May 18, 2012

Just When I thought I had discovered all of the Magic of the Burj al Arab......

Gratitude is a twofold love -- love coming to visit us, and love running out to greet a welcome guest.   Dyke, Henry Van

Everyone knows that the Burj al Arab is one of the greatest hotels in the world.....the image of its building in the shape of a traditional Arabic sailing vessel has been seen in photos, magazines, newspapers, television, movies and every other type of print, visual, digital medium which exists. But seeing and recognizing it on the one hand, and feeling it by staying at the Burj on the other hand are very different experiences. Since I had already stayed at the Burj and experienced its legendary and 7 star service, I had thought I had seen and lived through all of the Burj experience. But I was so wrong!!  It seemed that while I was away in the desert, the Burj was already working to create a new, even better experience (if that is possible).

   As I approached the hotel, my daughter noticed that there was a group of people waiting outside the hotel and asked if someone important was coming to the hotel. Well, in fact they were waiting for us! Mr. Ahmed Ereiba and Ms. Stephanie Zawada, two of the highest level executives at the Burj as well as a procession of greeters and staff from the Concierge were all outside to greet us. When we entered the lobby, we walked down the aisle created for us and were given cold, fragrant face and hand towels, cold water, hand lotion, fresh dates and finally, Arabic coffee. But it did not stop there. Mr. Ereiba and Ms. Zawada accompanied me to my room and in the elevator commented, "We could not put you on the 15th floor as in your previous stay so now you are on the 12th floor." I quickly replied, "In a hotel such as the Burj, I would even be happy in the basement." They responded, "But we think you will like it." They certainly were not kidding!!!!! I arrived at my room and discovered that we were now in a spectacular two bedroom suite with three bathrooms (very important when traveling with two girls!)  On the first floor there was a living room and a separate entertainment room, a guest bathroom  and a kitchen. On the second floor were two magnificent bedrooms each with master bathrooms as well as a room which is a vanity/powder room full of beautiful wooden closets. We were blown away! There was water, welcome chocolates, soft drinks, a beautiful Burj Teddy Bear for Ashley and a very nice card from the General Manager of the Burj, Mr. Heinrich Morio. As a matter of fact, the quote on the card was so nice that I used it as the quote which appears at the top of this post. I was then surprised by a visit from Mr.Morio himself, and thanked and complemented him on running such a fine hotel. He is like the Conductor of a fine symphony executing the Burj al Arab's strategy of creating an ultra luxury 7 star experience with precision and grace.

    The greatest effect all of this had was on my little daughter, Ashley, who now wants me to cancel the rest of our round the world trip to stay at the Burj. What can I say? Smart girl!

Closets in the vanity
The vanity/powder room
The inside spiral staircase
The welcome chocolates
The guest bathroom
The quote from the nice card from Mr. Morio, the GM
The kitchen
The entertainment room
The entertainment room

The living room
Mr. Heinrich Morio, the Burj General Manager and Mr. Ahmed Ereiba

The Master bathroom in the first bedroom
The card table in the living room
The living room

The dining room

The view from our room to the lobby below

The jacuzzi in the first bathroom
The glass enclosed shower

The second bedroom

The view from my outside my room to the floors above

The second bedroom
The sitting room in the second bedroom
The second sitting area in the bedroom

The front door to my suite
The bar and office work station (with all-in -one printer copier scanner fax

The living room leading into the entertainment room

The television appears....
and disappears!

The bedroom

One sitting area in the bedroom

The very nice note from Mr. Morio, the GM

The jacuzzi in the second Master bathroom


  1. Holy smokes! I need to stay there even if only for a night next time. Joe S.