Friday, May 18, 2012

Out and About in Dubai

Like all great travellers, I have seen more than I remember, and remember more than I have seen.  ~Benjamin Disraeli

      Today we took a trip to see the world's tallest building, the "Burj al Khalifa." Sheikh Khalifa is the Ruler of the entire United Arab Emirates and is in Abu Dhabi. Sheikh Mohammed is the Ruler of Dubai. Rumor has it that this building was to be called the "Burj Dubai", but in 2008 during the beginning of the financial collapse worldwide, Dubai ran out of money (that's hard to believe) and Sheikh Khalifa saved the project and thus, put his name on it. Another rumor has it that Sheikh Mohammed is a very smart man and wanted the world's tallest building, and not wanting the Ruler of Abu Dhabi to build another taller one, gave it the name "Burj al Khalifa"; after all, were they going to build one in Abu Dhabi called "Burj Dubai".

      One good thing about visiting the Burj al Khalifa is that its entrance is in the Dubai Mall, the world's largest mall (1200 stores). We visited the Gold Souk there and some perfumeries and watched some Arab performers and musicians and topped it off with a nice Middle Eastern meal at Al Iwan restaurant at the Burj (roasted leg of lamb to die for!).

The world's tallest building....
The Burj al Khalifa
Ashley and Aracelis in the Souk
Some very good music on traditional instruments
There are all of these resting places in the Souk to sit down, rest and have a free coffee
Ashley holding a falcon, one of the prized animals in Dubai (also camels and horses)

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